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O U R   E M P L O Y E E S

Katie M.

“From my first interaction with DCLI, I realized the company was fully committed to offering the highest level of service to its clients. Since joining, I have had the opportunity to participate in several company-wide projects to help develop productivity and efficiency. I have seen the Company grow, establish its brand in the industry, build on its core values, and offer the best to its employees.”
Katie Meili – Human Resources

Alex Milmeyster
“DCLI is a great place to work because it is a small company with a lot of ego. We take pride in who we have become in a short period of time, and we are excited about what the future has to offer. That promise of the future is reflected in everything we do, from closing a deal to the most routine journal entry.”
Alex Milmeyster – Internal Audit


Gregg Carey“I enjoy my job and approach it with a sense of pride and respect for the company, team, and the support systems that we have built. I began with the company in January of 2012 during the early stages of becoming what is now DCLI. I arrive at the office every day with a feeling that it is “our” business to run and not some mythical corporate group of people I never get to meet or interact with. We are a small group handling large challenges with great responsibility. I personally enjoy the collaboration within the company that allows us to overcome many of the difficulties of running a business. I know that I can always rely on my teammates to come together and support one another during crunch times in order to get the job done meeting or exceeding our customer’s needs and expectations.”
Gregg Carey – Maintenance & Repair


Rebecca Summers“Having worked at DCLI for a few short months I am still full of excitement and gratitude to work for such an amazing company. I didn’t know what a chassis was before being hired at DCLI and with such a well-versed and knowledgeable team, I am now able to not only explain our company and train others but know I am a valuable asset to DCLI and see a bright future for myself and the company as a whole. There is always work to be done, but no lack of enthusiasm in seeing that all of it is accomplished and chassis are in place for our customers. DCLI has by far been the best work environment I have experienced – whether because of the exponential growth of the company, the employee benefits, or the like-minded team members combining their efforts to make this company run smoothly. I definitely see myself continuing to grow within DCLI and help DCLI grow”
Rebecca Summers – Logistics


Debbie Ware“As an original employee of Maersk Equipment, the changing mission as we developed into a chassis company was both exciting and scary at the same time.  Now, Direct ChassisLink, stands head and shoulders above others in the industry, with the best people, best programs, and the best equipment.  Our customer service surpasses the others as we strive to improve process, people and equipment every day.  Looking at where we are today, it is hard to believe how we have grown, and it appears, as the old saying goes,“the sky is the limit”.  If you are a trucker reading this and you are one of the few that have not given us a chance, just pick up a DCLI chassis at any of our locations across America and see firsthand that using our equipment will help you serve your customers better – better for you and better for them.”
Debbie Ware – Cash Applications


 Ronnie Moten“Joining the DCLI family was a wonderful decision for me. I am proud to say I was part of DCLI in its infancy and have been honored to see it blossom into the #1 chassis provider in the industry. Even grander is to have the opportunity to grow alongside such a rapidly evolving company. I truly value the vision and inspiration of our leadership team. Their enthusiasm about continually improving operations and pursuing industry changing initiatives is contagious. DCLI truly values the work life balance and goes out of its way to make sure we have opportunities to enjoy life, stay healthy and recognize each other for our accomplishments. DCLI is full of spirited, dedicated and caring individuals. Together, we are the life blood that keeps DCLI’s pulse pumping.”
Ronnie Moten – Logistics


Amy Hume1“What I appreciate most about DCLI is that this company really strives to achieve high levels of service to both internal (employees) and external customers. After two years with DCLI, I can honestly say that of my entire 30 year career in the transportation business, I have never been as proud to be with an organization. My favorite part about the company is the ever changing environment. DCLI is a “visionary leader” and has taken a huge leap forward in the chassis management business in a short amount of time. This has occurred in the midst of challenges the industry has never faced before. I look forward to seeing what the next chapters hold in the future ahead with DCLI!”
Amy Hume – Field Operations