DCLI Specialty Chassis are available for on-line reservations

Container Chassis Products & Services

DCLI provides two types of Services: Chassis Leasing Services and Chassis Fleet Management Services.

See below for details.

products and services

For more information on DCLI’s Chassis Products and Services, please contact your regional area sales manager:

John J. O’Brien
Area Sales Manager, Northeast
Phone: 908-499-7755
Email: John.Obrien@dcli.com

Bill Monahan
Area Sales Manager, Southeast
Phone: 980-253-3293
Email: Bill.Monahan@dcli.com

Lance Theobald
Area Sales Manager, West Coast
Phone: 417-839-3216
Email: Lance.Theobald@dcli.com

Lee Mauney
Area Sales Manager, Gulf & Midwest
Phone: 630-335-0298
Email: Lee.Mauney@dcli.com