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Marine Chassis

Important Information Regarding Changes to DCLI Road Service Policy — PLEASE READ

Effective 1/25/2016 DCLI Implements New Road Service Policy

All emergency road service repairs to Direct Chassis Link, Inc. (DCLI) chassis under a DCLI Chassis Interchange Agreement must be facilitated through the DCLI Road service program utilizing its authorized vendor network.

Any Trucker(s)/Motor Carrier(s) facilitating repairs and/or utilizing outside repair vendor networks other than the DCLI Road service will not be covered or reimbursed under this policy.

The DCLI Road service phone number is 855-251-3254    E-mail: roadservice@dcli.com

DCLI Emergency Road Service Procedure

This program does not cover equipment sourced from pools such as SACP, COCP, MWCP, MCCP, GCCP, DCCP, BACP, TNTP, LA/LGB Pool of Pools, NY/NJ Metro Pool, etc. roadside related issues must be addressed with the pools interchanging the equipment.

M&R Location List

Domestic Chassis

For domestic chassis road service, please visit http://interstar.com/webportal/index.php/auth/login.