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Why Work for DCLI?

Direct ChassisLink (DCLI) has quickly become a leader in our industry, setting the standard for chassis providers.

How did we do it? With a team of dedicated people focused on the industry and on providing the best customer service possible. In fact, customer service is one of our core values: and, our employees provide customer service that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Since DCLI formed in 2012, we’ve attracted some of the best and brightest in our quest to become the premium chassis provider. We continue to lead the industry in developing innovative solutions for customers.


We take a holistic approach to our workplace, offering:

  • An attractive work environment
  • Generous benefits
  • Competitive pay
  • Annual performance-based incentives
  • A focus on collaboration and achievement


Here are some reasons for becoming part of the DCLI family:

1. Be Rewarded

We care about the overall well-being of our employees. That’s why we offer competitive base pay, generous benefits, an annual incentive plan, and opportunities to earn other rewards throughout the year.

2. Be Recognized

Our staff is bright and enthusiastic, and we understand the importance of recognizing their contributions, successes and achievements. Our managers take pride in using formal and informal recognitions to let employees know they’re appreciated and to develop job satisfaction and two-way loyalty.

3. Be Challenged

Our rapid growth and recognition as a leading industry provider means there’s rarely a dull moment at DCLI. In our fast-paced environment, everyone is challenged and encouraged.

4. Be Part of a Diverse Team

Diversity is about more than personal characteristics; it’s about embracing all that is different in each other. We’re committed to diversity by every definition. A diversity of backgrounds, outlooks, experiences, and ideas makes DCLI stronger and better prepared to meet day-to-day business challenges and opportunities.

5. Be Respected

We teach and preach “Courtesy, Dignity, and Respect:” that’s how we treat every vendor, customer, and employee. It’s part of who we are; it guides all we stand for and all we hope to accomplish.

6. Be Yourself

While a certain amount of conformity and discipline ensures a harmonious work environment, the individuality of our employees makes DCLI a fun and interesting place to be. We celebrate individuality and encourage our employees to have some fun every day.

7. Be the Best

We encourage the growth of our employees through group and individual training and development programs as they seek to further their careers. DCLI’s rapid growth has created multiple opportunities for dedicated employees to develop professionally and personally.

8. Be Engaged

A fully engaged workforce is one of the secrets to our success. We strive to ensure that each employee is engaged, committed, and able to maximize his or her performance. At the same time, we understand that employees have full lives outside of work. That’s why we provide excellent time-off benefits. We also encourage employees to seek an appropriate balance between work and life.